1943 Colossus Computer

1943 Colossus Computer

Our mobile phones, tablets, and computers are getting smaller, thinner, and lighter. While screen size increases, the size of components inside of these devices continually shrink to match. Components that once took up loads of space now can occupy an area just the size of your fingertip (or smaller). It's hard to believe that in our grandparents' era computers filled a whole room and did so very little in terms of what our daily handheld devices can do.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that components get smaller, even as our devices' screens get larger. The more companies can "hide" in smaller areas, the more aesthetically pleasing their product becomes. Here arises a need for microsoldering. Compared to traditional soldering with normal, everyday full-sized components, microsoldering deals with smaller components usually found in devices like iPhones or iPads. Components can be as small as a grain of rice and require the use of a microscope to repair!

We are one of the very few repair shops that offer microsoldering to our customers, making Tech Center Danvers a unique repair shop. Many of our customers who are frustrated with other repair shops may find out they need microsoldering services to complete a repair. Due to the precision of those repairs, many shops won't offer microsoldering as a service, and instead refer their customers out. As a one stop repair shop, we are proud to offer our precision microsoldering services to complete your repair.

Soldering Iron for Microsoldering

A lot of the times, "cheaper" devices don't make much sense to repair. A phone that "only" cost $115 might make more sense to purchase a new version or different, upgraded phone. Still, phone device prices are not dropping any time soon, with devices like the Google Pixel and new iPhones costing upwards of $1,500 – just as much as a high-end desktop computer. Rather than throwing away a broken phone in need of microsoldering and adding to our landfills, we offer microsoldering repair solutions others can't.

If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay!

Here are a few common repairs we tackle daily that may require microsoldering:

  • Game Console HDMI Port Repair such as PlayStation & Xbox
  • No Touch, Touch Screen Issues, Multi-Touch Problems (Also known as Touch Disease)
  • No Back Lighting/No Display
  • Charging Port Replacements
  • Damaged Connector Replacements
  • Battery Components
  • Searching / No Service Issues
  • Camera Issues
Red Glitch Pattern

Need microsoldering?

We can help!

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