Need a repair? No problem!

We know that your tech is important to you. We also know that tech doesn’t come cheap! That’s why we offer affordable, quick, convenient repair services for all of your repair needs. From iPhone screens to computer virus removal, battery replacements in your cell phone & broken HDMI ports on your PlayStation! We fix it all.

iPhone Repair

Your iPhone is your life, and when something happens to it, it can be hard to function normally. We also know you spent a pretty penny on your iPhone, whether you bought it new or used — iPhones don’t come cheap! That’s why we offer convenient and affordable OEM quality repairs for your iPhone of all kinds and types. Don’t waste your time making an appointment at Apple for a “Genius” to take a look at your iPhone — especially¬†if it’s past its warranty or AppleCare date. Even if you’re out of warranty by a day, a month, or a year, we can help make recommendations on how to best fix your “vintage” iPhone and get you back up and running — without breaking the bank. We fix broken iPhone screens, broken iPhone ports, broken iPhone buttons, help with software restoration and recovery, and more.

Samsung, Google Pixel & Motorola Phone Repair

Sometimes, it’s even harder to find someone that will repair your Android device. With the pure amount of Android devices out in the wild, most people choose to specialize in only a few types of Android devices. Not all Android devices are made the same, but one thing is the same — they’re important to you! That’s why we service all makes of Android phones, including Samsung phones, Google Pixel phones, Motorola phones, and more. We tackle common issues like broken screens, broken ports, dead batteries, and more daily.

iPad & Tablet Repair

Having a big screen on a mobile device like a tablet is great for viewing things and browsing the web, but it might not be so great if you accidentally drop it. We repair all kinds of tablet devices including iPad, iPad Air, iPad Minis, and iPad Pro. We can tackle many tablet repair issues including broken tablet screens, broken tablet ports, and more!

Desktop Computer Repair

It can be hard nowadays to find someone who will help you to repair your desktop computer. Not many people are willing to take on the task to handle towers or even all-in-one machines, but we’re ready and willing to help with your desktop or personal computer! We even service Apple desktop machines¬†including¬†iMacs, Mac Minis, and more. If you have a desktop computer that needs a repair or isn’t working as expected, we can help diagnose your issue and repair it — fast!

MacBook & Laptop Computer Repair

Your laptop is often the hub of your business and personal life. We know that you’ve probably spent a considerable amount of money on your laptop, especially if it’s a MacBook, and we know that many computer hardware manufacturers may not own up to issues that plague their designs. That’s why we’re here to help. We can assist you with many common maintenance laptop repair items, as well as non-common issues. We tackle broken laptop screens, broken laptop keyboards, broken GPUs, broken motherboards, broken drives, and more. Machine need an upgrade? We can also help you to install the latest and greatest tech to breathe new life into your machine, such as a Solid State Drive (SSD).

Xbox, PlayStation & Nintendo Console Repair

It’s increasingly hard to find someone that will take on the task of repairing your Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo. Here at The Tech Center, we’re ready to tackle your video game console issue head on. Whether it’s the dreaded red ring of death, C:13:00 error, or any variation of problems that arise with gaming consoles, we can help you get back to gaming fast. We can also help you upgrade your internal storage on your video game console.


The Tech Center is proud to offer our customers and businesses microsoldering services, differentiating ourselves from other repair stores. We offer help for all of those tiny components including microsoldering for iPhones, iPads, Samsung, Game Consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and more. Most repair shops would be willing to turn you away, but not us!

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