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Your computer woes sometimes aren’t just limited to hardware problems. Sometimes visiting a nefarious website, downloading a suspicious file, or installing a questionable app might have you swimming deep in malware, adware, spyware, or even worse – ransomware. If you suspect you are the victim of any of these issues, we can help. We regularly clean devices of malware and can help you get your system up and running safely.

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Virus Warning

Virus & Malware Removal

What is malware? Malware is any sort of software specifically designed to do bad things to you or your system, and can sometimes be called a virus. This can take the form of a variety of problematic things, ranging from keyloggers to less-nefarious adware. No matter what kind of malware or virus you may have on your machine, we can help you with virus removal and malware removal.

Bloatware Removal

Bloatware is not quite malware, but it can slow down your devices or even your computer. Bloatware is basically anything that constitutes as excessive stuff on a platform… Take for example all of the apps Samsung makes you install on your phone when you first turn it on. While these apps are trustworthy, they can be considered “bloat” or even bloatware. It may benefit you to have them cleaned up, and we can help!

Ad Popups

Adware Removal

Do you have a problem with ads popping up even when you’re not using the browser? A common form of malware is adware, which doesn’t necessarily try to gain access to your stuff, but does constantly show you ads, usually for dirty or possibly even illegal things. The goal of adware is to get you to click on the links. If you suspect you’ve been infected with adware, we can help with adware removal.

Spyware Removal

Spyware is a special type of malware that tries to covertly gain access to your computer so it can collect information about you. This information can be very sensitive like passwords or credit cards numbers or even your social security number through keyloggers or some other means, or it can be less nefarious like trying to gain demographic information about you. Either way, you don’t want someone spying on you and watching everything you do. We can help you with spyware removal!

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Ransomeware Removal

A rather new player to game, ransomeware is a type of malware that holds your files on your computer hostage until you pay someone to get access back. Attackers usually demand payment in the form of bit coin or untraceable gift cards, and if you don’t comply, they state they will either encrypt your files forever, or delete them. Ransomeware can be incredibly hard to work around, but there is help. If you need help with a ransomeware situation, contact us today.